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This is the second edition of What Is a Survey. The American Statistical Association published the first edition about 25 years ago. It is now and has always been available free of charge.

Like the first edition there are many people responsible for what is included here. Obviously the place of honor goes to those who wrote the first edition -

Robert Ferber, Paul Sheatsley, Anthony Turner, and Joseph Waksberg.

Of these Joseph Waksberg needs special mention, as it was his idea to undertake a project to update the first edition and this second edition is, therefore, dedicated to him.

In preparing this edition many colleagues at the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Postal Service played important roles as authors, sponsors, critics, referees, and contributors. Included here are Cynthia Clark, Terry Demaio, Cathy Dippo, Sid Schwartz, Linda Stinson and Clyde Tucker. To them I owe many thanks, particularly for their encouragement.

Others who deserve great thanks as authors or referees include Thomas Belin, Donald Dillman, William Kalsbeek, Jim Lepkowski, and Lynne Stokes. And, finally, I would be remiss if I did not honor the students in my statistical sampling classes at the George Washington University for their many contributions, notably Justin Fisher.

The technical editors of this volume deserve recognition for their many improvements in readability, notably Jane Swartzloff, Claire Jennings, and Marilyn Ford. Mention also must be made of Ernie Tani for his work on the references and Charlene Weiss for her supervision of the Arabic edition.

Because the survey field is fast paced and ever changing, this edition will need updating soon. So in closing let me acknowledge those who undertake that next update and wish them every success.

Fritz Scheuren,

June 2004

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